Thursday, 28 January 2010

Top Five: The Blackout

I rather love The Blackout. I have seen them live many, many times, most usually as tour support for the likes of Fightstar (expect them to have their own post soon!) and Lostprophets - There is something about the cheeky, hyper, welsh lads that make me want to come keep coming back for more. I also like the fact that they repeat their MySpace address and the fact they are from South Wales a LOT. The last time I saw them they had dialled this down a lot, but still managed to mention where they hailed from about three times. As if their accents did not clearly give this away. I also like the fact that even though they have released one EP (with one of the best names EVER) and two albums, they are still relatively unknown, although fiercely supported, and therefore get to appear at festivals and small venues. Wikipedia describes their genre as post hardcore, which although I have no idea what that is supposed to mean, also (apparently) includes the likes of those mentioned before as tour headliners, so I guess it is a fairly apt description.
Anyway, here is a list of my five favourite songs of theirs, just in case you feel inclined to check them out, which you should by the by. In the words of someone who hails from the home country of The Blackout: "I prefer their older stuff" but "they are meant to be very good live". Personal joke there. Still makes me laugh. Anyway, back to the countdown. Focus, Emma!

5. It's High Tide Baby featuring Ian Watkins - from the EP "The Blackout! The Blackout! The Blackout!"

4. Fashion Concious Suicide - from the EP "The Blackout! The Blackout! The Blackout!"

3. I'm A Riot, You're A F*cking Riot - from the EP "The Blackout! The Blackout! The Blackout!"

2. Children Of The Night - from the album "The Best In Town!"

1. I Know You Are, But What Am I? - from the album "We Are The Dynamite"

Monday, 25 January 2010

Thoughts: NME Nominations

So the nominations for the NME awards were announced on 25th January 2010, and I couldn't help but notice the nominees for the Worst Album category. The poor folk whose work has gone unappreciated are:
Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown
Lady GaGa –
The Fame
The Jonas Brothers –
Lines Vines Trying Times
U2 –
No Line On The Horizon
Arctic Monkeys –

Something concerned me when I read this. While I am sad/cool enough to know the name of the latest Jonas Brother album, I had assumed that the readers of NME were not of the same persuasion. So how did they know? I can understand them knowing the name of the Lady Gaga album, or any of the other rejects. They are everywhere. But the Jonas Brothers are not as forced upon into our lives as the other nominees. Especially Gaga. She's everywhere!
Do a lot of NME readers have nine year old sisters who got the gift of Disney for Christmas? You would have thought they had forgotten the name of the album they bought back in December by now. Are there a lot of parents that read the publication who are forced to listen to the same album again and again and again? Even so, it's not like the name of the album is repeated in every song. Therefore, I am only left to assume that the voters of these awards dislike the Jonas trio (which is perfectly normal I would imagine), and so actively sought out the name of the album so they could vote for it, which is a little sad. Or they just wrote "that Jonas Brothers crap", which is just really chavvy.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Music Vids

Craig David - One More Lie
Mr David is back. He keeps disappearing and making comebacks. I do own everything he has released, but I am not sure a comeback is due. He isn't doing anything that no-one else could do. But it's always good to see a familiar face.

Friday Night Boys - Disney Medley
Who doesn't love Disney songs? Who doesn't love sweet, (not so) lil boys singing along while playing the piano? Okay, so this is definitely a girlie video.

Friday Night Boys - Stupid Love Letter
To balance out the girlieness. Or at least make some vague attempt to. Although this video also appears to be a promo for what looks suspiciously like a rom-com. So maybe it fails on that count. The fan girls are brilliant though.

Jason Derulo - In My Head
For some reason, I am highly amused when videos, particularly R&B ones, start off the beginning of a music video by playing music from a completely different song. Promo for two songs in one = genius and very economical.

The Blackout - Children Of The Night
To celebrate the fact I am going to see them tomorrow. Woop Woop!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Desert Island Discs

Going against my usual 5 for a change. 8 is going to be hard enough!

Inspired by the blogging prowess of ADHS and Langley's Blog. So go read them too.

Track One: Error:Operator - Taking Back Sunday
This song holds nothing but good memories for me. Every time I hear it, I have images in my mind of Fi dancing round the room, singing along to the track at full volume at Reading Fest while no-one else even moved a muscle... It's my personal favourite TBS track, which I promise has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the song appears on the soundtrack for the Fantastic Four. In fact, I like this song so much, I have based my twitter name on it. I do wonder what non-TBS fans think its based on.

Track Two: Sugar We're Goin' Down - Fall Out Boy
Although I had liked music of the rock persuasion before discovering Fall Out Boy, it wasn't until I heard this track that I experienced my first love of rockier music (I used to like to think that the Busted/McFly stuff counted, but it really doesn't). I remember reading about them for the first time in some random magazine aimed at teenage girls like Bliss or Sugar or something and decided to check them out, and I am beyond glad that I did. I remember how excited I was when I got tickets to see them for the first time, and then how dissapointed I was when I couldn't go because of university. Not that it did me any good. But I have righted that wrong now.

Track Three: Misery Business - Paramore
I rather love Paramore, as readers of the blog may have already gathered by now, and in particular the powerhouse that is Hayley Williams. She has a voice that can lift your heart a little even on the darkest of days, which would probably be a good quality if you were stranded on a desert island. I chose this particular track as it is one that is not only good for dancing around to, but also for those moments when you want to pretend that you too are a rock star. I know you all do it. You can't fool me.

Track Four: Could It Be Magic - Barry Manilow
Yes, Barry Manilow. I remember listening along to this in the car with my Ma when I was little on a cassette she had of Barry's greatest hits. For reasons I am not entirely clear of, I thought this was one of the greatest things I had ever heard, and I supposed to a degree I still do. He is a bit of a legend in my book. I have vague recollections of seeing him on Noel's House Party back in the day, and I used to love that show. I also clearly remember it being played at the end of mine at Fi's joint 18th birthday and no-one giving a damn. They really should bring it back. I am sure at some point of my life I will be mildly cool, but it's not looking good.

Track Five: Good Girls Go Bad - Cobra Starship & Leighton Meester
I still get a little excited whenever I hear this song, even though I have listened to it a fair few times by now, and I hope that would continue throughout my extended stay. I love Cobra Starship and I love Leighton Meester, so it's a bit of a no-brainer really.

Track Six: If I Could Turn Back Time - Cher
No, wait, come back! I can explain! When I was a little Emma, I used to love standing by the side of Ma while she did her Cher fitness videos and have a go at doing them myself. I remember there was a lot of step aerobics, and as I was only a small child and mother didn't want to kill me, I would use the floor instead. It was a proud day when I was promoted to a small step. I say step, it was probably about as high as a CD case, but at the time I felt really grown up. With it being her exercise video, there were a fair few of her songs in the background too. Like subliminal messaging or something. But I loved it. I am sure at some point of my life I will be mildly cool, but it's not looking good.

Track Seven: Feeling Good - Michael Buble
I find it almost impossible to listen to this song without singing along. I am little bit in love with The Buble (anyone who says they aren't must be fibbing), and if I have his awesome tones playing in my ear I can pretend that he is with me. I was originally going to chose Home as my choice track, but I think that might be taunting myself with that and would probably end up as a nervous wreck.

Track Eight: I'm On A Boat - The Lonely Island
Hello, My name is Emma and I am highly predictable, slightly obsessive, and have a somewhat childish sense of humour. I choose this songs for two reasons. Number One: I can pretend that I am on an actual boat, and therefore not on a desert island, and therefore can be on my way to a movie night at Hotel Fi. Number Two: I could sing/swear along to it as loud as my lungs will allow me to without the fear of someone overhearing me.

Book: This is actually more tricky than the songs, which surprised me a little. So I am decided to take the Harry Potter selection, and I am adamant that doesn't count as cheating. It's essentially the same story seven times anyway!

Luxury Item: My first thought was that I could cheat and bring an ipod, but that's not really in the spirit of the game. My second thought was to take my DS and games, but then I realised that the battery would run out pretty quick, and that would be pretty useless. Then I decided I was thinking about this far too much and really should get a life, so opted for a pillow or a puzzle book.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Music Vids

1. JLS - One Shot
I do like JLS. But not in a fan girl way, I hasten to add. I think I am one of the few people (or should that be females) in this world who would actually rather listen to JLS, instead of seeing them. So if you are like me, you may prefer to press play and then turn away from the screen, so you don't have to look at Aston's smug face.

2. So Solid Crew - They Don't Know
As you may be (but probably aren't) aware, So Solid (minus the Crew) are back. Smaller in number, and a bit pants. So in honour of the days when I liked to think I was hip and happening (the fact I use that phrase means I never was), here is an old school track of theirs. I am going bracket crazy today. I blame the garage. 21 seconds, ta ta ta!

3. Glee - Don't Stop Believing
Not strictly a music video, but I am bit in love with Glee, and it stands a very good chance of charting in the Top Ten this week. Therefore it counts. As I've said before: my blog, my rules.

4. Daisy Dares You - Number One Enemy
I have only just discovered this future tour de force. As in five minutes before writing this post. But I feel compelled to share this song with you all. If you ignore the slightly random and disrupting contribution from Chipmunk, this is a happy slice of pop music. It's a bit like how I imagine Kate Nash would be if she wasn't so bitter. I am far too proud of that piece of 'wit'. I'm not sure thats a good way of selling it though. I take it back.

5. Florence & The Machine - You Got The Love
There is nothing to say other than the fact that this is an incredibly, beautiful song and you should listen to it. And Florence may have the longest legs of anyone I have ever seen.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Musigams: An Introduction

Just an introduction to what I hope will be a series of videos. Future videos will be longer, this is just to give you an idea. Hopefully.
The sound quality is really quiet, so you may need to turn the volume up.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Just A Little Thanks!

Many thanks to anyone who has ever read and contributed to my blog. I have just passed the 300 view mark, and I know they can't all be myself. It means a lot that you have chosen to spend a small part of your day reading my words and tolerating my questionable taste in music.
Much love, Emz :) xxx

P.S. Let's keep going! More, more, more!

Music Vids

Only three this week.

1. Gym Class Heroes - Live A Little
A very different GCH song in every way. This is my personal favourite track of theirs, although it is a little random that they have suddenly decided to release it. Not that I am complaining.

2. Nick Jonas - Who I Am
It's probably best I don't say anything at this point.

3. Esmee Denters - Admit It
She is like a youtube fairy tale. Almost has more going for her than is really fair. But I can forgive it. A friend of JT's is a friend of mine.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

2009: Most Played Tracks

This is going to be just as "cool" and "relevant" as the list of most played artists. If you are easily offended, I suggest you look away.... NOW!

10. This Is Me - Camp Rock

9. Bounce - The Cab

8. Battlefield - Jordin Sparks

7. Paranoid - Jonas Brothers

6. Crush - David Archuleta

5. Fly With Me - Jonas Brothers

4. Decode - Paramore

3. Work - The Saturdays

2. Burnin' Up - Jonas Brothers

1. LaLa Land - Demi Lovato

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Top Five: YouTubers.

I can't think of reasons to explain why, out of all the people who upload videos onto youtube, these people are the ones I keep returning to, so instead I will let you watch and judge for yourselves. If I think of some reasons, I will add them in later. These are in no particular order. I couldn't chose. Although I do love the Shaytards the bestest.

5. Nerimon

4. Community Channel

3. Charlieissocoollike

2. Sxephil

1. Shaycarl & The Shaytards

Friday, 1 January 2010

Top Five: Film Excitement for 2010

5. Valentines Day
I am quite a fan of the ensemble rom-com, although there are a fair few shocking ones. I think it is mostly to do with having the opportunity to see a number of familiar faces and favourites all in one film. Valentine's Day almost reads like a 'whos who' of rom-com movers and shakers, boasting the likes of Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel, Anne Hathaway, Queen Latifah, Taylor Lautner and many other attractive, wholesome American types.. It is also amuses me that there were, at one point anyway, lots of presumably tweenage girls commenting on the youtube trailer that they could not see Joe Jonas. According to Wikipedia, he plays the voice of a dog. This is probably only amusing to me.

4. Prince Of Persia: Sands of Time
I like action movies. I like watching Jake Gyllenhaal movies. I am a little unconvinced of Gemma Arterton's acting abilities, but she's not bad to look at either. Sounds like an hour and a half of easy viewing to me. I don't have sophisticated tastes.

3. Iron Man 2
I loves superhero movies. RDJ is the man. The trailer looks pretty damn awesome. If it wasn't for a pack of werewolves and a cowboy, this would so be number one.

2. Toy Story 3
Toy Story is back. Hurrah! I am a HUGE fan of Pixar movies, and am always glad when there is a new chance to delve into the world of one of the best movie studios in the world. But I am even more excited than usual about the return of the Toy Story world. The original movie was pretty life changing at the time. This might sound like an exaggeration, but I imagine it was similar to the first time audiences viewed film and television in technicolour. Not much is known about the plot yet, but Pixar have yet to release a flop. I hope this third installment doesn't let me down. To infinity and beyond!

1. Twilight Saga: Eclipse
I almost feel quite ashamed of myself. But I really want to know what happens the next. Okay, that sounds silly. I have read the books, so I know what actually happens next, but I want to see it on the big screen. There is this little, and overly optimistic, part of my brain which hopes the movies ignore what happens in the books and changes Bella's decision. But I fear David Slade, the movies director, may actually get lynched for that. And no-one deserves to die at the hand of Pattinson addicts. Team Jacob all the way! There currently isn't a trailer yet though, so I can't show you one. Sorry.

P.S. I also am rather excited about Jackass 3D. This is for my inner-thirteen year old boy. He gets mentioned as the excuse for all my immature humour.