Wednesday, 23 September 2009


It's very hard to start a blog when you haven't fully decided what you want the blog to be about. I originally wanted to create a movie blog that could live in harmony alongside my friends blogs (over use of the word 'blog' a little?). But the more I think about it, the more I realise I am opinionated about all manner of things, and I have decided that this is the the place to talk about those kind of things.
Don't go thinking this is going to be a place for in depth, intellectual, political conversation. If that is the kind of talk you are looking for, this is most definitely the wrong place for you, so I wish you well on your way. This is, however, the place to read my views on movies, music, TV and other media and entertainment related things. My interests vary, so expect a broad spectrum of stuff to be covered, but I can get a little obsessive at times, so also expect a certain level of repetition.
I promise to try my hardest never to mention the Jonas Brothers again, but I feel I should warn you all that it is possible that I may mention them at some point. Maybe once or twice. I will attempt to control the urge. For everyones good.
I will try to make this blog look more shiny and impressive at some point. But this is not an area where my skills shine.
Anyway, don't forget to keep checking back, and thanks for reading :)