Friday, 24 September 2010

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

To balance out yesterdays angst-ridden post...

Top 5: Things That Are Always Exciting.

Things that make my brain go 'yippee' everytime. Without fail. Just Because.

5. Zoos.

4. The opening bars of 'Stockholm Syndrome'.

3. Getting off the train at London.

2. Puppies & Kittens.

1. Hot Air Balloons.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry.

Top 5: Potentially Irrational Angers

There are some things which really get my goat everytime, for reasons that I am not entirely sure of, so its going to be hard to give explanations. You may have to just accept the way my brain works, although I will try my very best to try and make some sense of my 'issues'. As you may notice (unless you are unable to read), most of these things involve people. Maybe I am just getting intolerant in my old age.

5. Tall people at gigs.
Okay, so I fully appreciate that it is not your fault that your genes have decided that you are going to be giant whilst I am a dwarf, but this does not mean that you have to stand directly in front of me, so that I can't see. It just takes a bit of logic and common courtesy: if you stand behind me, you can still see the stage, if you stand in front of me, I can not. And when I pay to see a band, I would like to at least get a passing glimpse of them at some stage.

4. Kindle's.
Or any form of electronic reading tool really. Books are superior. There is no need for an alternative. The end.

3. Drivers who don't indicate.
I am no car expert, but to the best of my knowledge, every car is fitted with a very handy tool called an indicator. This means that you can let other people know which direction you are planning on heading in so that they do not have to wait at roundabouts/junctions etc unnecessarily. This gadget is also handy on motorways, to give other drivers some kind of warning that you are about to pull out in front of them.

2. People who shout idiotic comments at people in the street.
Having been victim to this in the past, and a bit in the current in all honesty, I can confirm that this is can result in pretty much the shittiest feeling in the world. First of all, it is completely unnecessary. Second of all, what on earth makes you think that it is your place in society to loudly abuse people in the street or point out things that you view as being flaws in other human beings. I'm not saying you can't think these things, but there really is no need to share it. Which leads me on to...

1. People who @reply other people on twitter with unfriendly comments.
There is only one reason that this annoys me more than it being in person, and that is the cowardice of the people who do it. You would be highly unlikely to say these things to someones face (not that you should anyway, reading what some people write) so don't hide behind your computer and do it. These people are often the first to complain if/when someone does the same thing back to them, so you think that they would learn how it feels, but apparently not.

And that ends todays preaching.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I'm Ready For My Close-Up.

Top Five: My Acting Career.

5. Mary, The Nativity
The first play I remember being a part of, and I was one of the leads. This is either because my talents were spotted from an early age, or because I have a selective memory. One or the other.

4. Emz, The Emz & Fi Show
A veritable showreel of my skills, showcasing such a range of my abilities such as swooning, presenting, catwalk posing, magazine throwing and laughing. There are currently only two episodes of this show, although a few music videos were also produced to satisfy the needs of the audience.

3. Oompah Loompah (choir), Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
I felt I made a very good Oompah Loompah, even though the facepaint we had to wear irritated my face. And we were the wrong colour.

2. Stage Crew, The Normalising Machine
Following media interest from my singing debut, I decided to take a backstage role for the next production. At the time, I had no idea what the plot was. I am still not entirely sure.

1. Jill, Jack & The Beanstalk
Back before my popularity soared, I took a supporting role as Jill, a character blatently made up so that more children could be involved in the play, though not as obvious as the many policemen and townsfolk that were recruited.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

My name is Cathy H.

Future Cinema Trip: Never Let Me Go

Friday, 17 September 2010

I'm Very Sorry If She Tipped Off Anyone About Your Cunningly Concealed Herd Of Cows.

Top Five: Nathan Fillion Shows

5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
I'm not gonna lie to you all, I don't believe I have ever actually seen the episodes of Buffy in which Mr Fillion appear, but I am sure they are really good ones. I have, however, seen lots of other episodes with other people in them.

4. Dr Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog
A three-part online musical extravaganza (yes, it was an extravaganza) starring Nathan, legen-wait-for-it-dary Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day telling the story of Dr Horrible's ambition to join a league of evil genuises, when his plans are thwarted by falling in love. Awww. It's very funny, has catchy tunes and was created by Mr Joss Whedon (as is 3/5 of this list).

3. Desperate Housewives
Unlike a normal viewer, I don't like to watch this show when it is broadcast on TV. Instead, I like to wait until the boxset comes out (which Mum normally is the one to purchase), and then watch all the episodes in the shortest time possible. It's almost like a bit of a game. I'm weird like that.

2. 2 Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place
If you are someone who knows me at all, and have ever watched this programme, it should take you a grand total of 2 minutes to work out why I became mildly obsessed with it. In fact, it seems so obvious, it seems a waste of my time to explain it. I did think My Mrs Reynolds was a hero when I discovered she had burned it all on to DVD. If/when this comes out on DVD, I am gonna be straight in the queue!

1. Firefly
In my humble Browncoat opinion, this is one of the best TV shows EVER created. It really is a shame it got cancelled. It is a bit sci-fi, but not as you know it, as it is somewhat genre-defying, and although they spend their time in space, its almost irrelevent. Another of the works of Joss Whedon, the man who may have the worst luck when it comes to television. It was recommended to be My Mrs Reynolds & Muttley, and I, in turn, would recommend it to anyone.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Earthquakes Can't Shake Us, Cyclones Can't Break Us

Watch It!: Charice Feat Iyaz - Pyramid

YouTube music stars a bit one-a-penny these days, but Charice is a bit different to some of the others may you have heard of, such as Esmee Denters and that Bloody Bieber. For example, Charice, or Charmaine Charice Relucio Pempengco as her parents decided to name her, is the first Asian artist EVER to arrive in the Billboard 200 Album Chart (I know they have a lot of charts in the US, but I believe this is a pretty big deal), is set to appear as a recurring character in the second season of Glee, was personally invited by Andrea Bocelli to be a guest at his birthday concert and was described by HRH Oprah Winfrey as the "Most talented girl in the world". She also appears one of the Alvin & The Chipmunks movies, but I hope you won't hold this against her.
Charice might not be yet, but I have a feeling this girl is gonna be a pretty big deal some time soon.
Should you wish to, you can test your knowledge of Charice at

Monday, 13 September 2010

Personal Space Invasions

Top 5: Best/Worst "Mosh Pit" Related Incidents

I use the term lightly. I'm not really that hardcore.

5. Fall Out Boy @ Reading Festival
I start this by saying that I am not 100% sure it was actually during a Fall Out Boy set when this occurred, but it was definitely at Reading, so at least I am 50% right. Anyway, the point is during someones set, the band in question instructed those stood in the front section of the crowd to split in half, pick up the litter surrounding them and chuck it at the opposing team. Luckily for myself, Music Guru and possibly Welsh Boy (this is the most vague story ever, I do apologise), we were far enough back to enjoy chucking rubbish without the fear of incoming attack. Yes, it is immature and not very safety conscious, but when else do you get to have a garbage fight without the risk of getting punched in the face?

4. Dizzee Rascal @ Reading Festival
This was the first time I had seen Mr Rascal, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but as soon as the music started, the crowd went mental, but in a good way. People were dancing around like crazy loons. Unfortunately, I was feeling quite crappy at this point (as I may have mentioned before, Reading Festival hates me), so I wasn't able to sustain my dancing feet for very long, so the three of us mentioned above (Welsh Boy was DEFINITELY there, I am sure of it this time) had to move further back, away from the hot, sweaty people.

3. Panic! At The Disco @ London Astoria
The one and only time I had the pleasure of going to the Astoria was a pretty epic occassion. The pleasure was slightly dampened by the very squashed conditions. Young kids in massive backpacks were determined to get to the front of the stage, and were willing to shove themselves in any gap possible. This was made worse by the fact we had to stand through a set by Men, Women & Children with their stupid monkey song. I had forgotten all about this though, by the time P!atD rocked on the stage, but it was just too hot, so me and the Music Guru moved to the very back and decided to have a boogie instead. Much more fun!

2. Hoobastank @ Southampton Guildhall
This was my first "mosh" experience and I learnt some valuable lessons. Namely, don't stand at the back of a "mosh pit" unless there is someone stood very close behind you. Why is this? Because you will end up at the bottom of a tweenager pile, that is why. Also, if you are losing balance, its a nice touch not to drag your friend down with you (Sorry, Mutley*!) Luckily, I was rescued by some big, burly men and escaped injury free, except for a few bruises.

1. Lostprophets @ Brixton Academy
This may seem like an exaggeration, but this was one of the most scary experiences of my life. Unlike the Dizzee dancers, the 'Prophets fans went totally mental, probably in a good way for them, but not so much for me. I was getting pushed about all over the place, got seperated from Music Guru (I know she is getting mentioned a lot, but I go to 99% of my gigs with her - I have few friends), who also very nearly lost her shoe, and we had to fight our way to the back of the room, with lots of very unhelpful people unwilling to move out the way. This is how most of the stories end, as you may have noticed. Like I said, I am not very hardcore.

*Also, sorry for the nickname.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

... And I Am Sure Not Too Old!

Top Five: McFly Videos

5. Please, Please

4. Lies

3. That Girl

2. The Heart Never Lies

1. Party Girl

Friday, 10 September 2010

Because You Are NEVER Too Old For McFly...

Top Five: McFly Albums

In celebration of an impending new album and my reignited obsession.

5. Greatest Hits: B-Side & Rarities
A very random mix of songs that you have probably never heard before unless you insist on buying all the singles, and a whole bunch of covers from the likes of The Killers, The Beatles x 2 and Rihanna (well, who HASN'T covered 'Umbrella'). I only chose it because they have only released four LPs, and choosing the regular Greatest Hits album feels like cheating a little, and no-one likes a cheat. Also, it was only available in Woolworth stores, so it feels a bit special that I own a copy. I am easily impressed.
Best Songs: The Guy Who Turned Her Down, Pinball Wizard.

4. Radio:Active
My least favourite of their "proper" albums mostly because it was originally released free with the Daily Fail, which meant I had to publicly embarrass myself in the local shop by picking up a copy. I have since moved out of the area. I also bought the deluxe version when it came out in the shops, because apparently one copy was not enough. Like I said, I have since moved out the area.
Best Songs: The Heart Never Lies, The Last Song, Lies.

3. Motion In The Ocean
I am a bit hit or miss with this one. A bit Marmite, you may say. The love does outweigh the hate, but only at a ratio of 9:4. My Wikipedia search informs me that this album was recorded in the "infamous Grouse Lodge recording studio", which I have never heard of before, and upon further search, I am unable to find out why it is infamous, but I do know it has a spa, horse riding and satellite TV.
Best Songs: Bubblewrap, Transylvania, Please, Please.

2. Room On The Third Floor
The very first, so named after a track on the album, which in turn is written about the hotel room in which the album was written. I am not convinced they spent a whole album in the same room, but I refuse to believe that Tom, Dougie, Harry and Danny would lie to me. I remember listening to this album the first time and hearing all the tracks about unrequited love and thinking it was impossible that they could be that unlucky in love.
Best Songs: Five Colours In Her Hair, Obviously, Not Alone, That Girl.

1. Wonderland
I will never, ever, ever forget the first time that I listened to this album. I was sat on a coach with the Music Guru sharing a walkman and a set of headphones. Then track number 8 came on. And we were not prepared for what was about to happen. A two-part Disney sounding epic, the first part purely instrumental, the second part telling the tale about a young girl committing suicide. In short, it is the last thing you would ever expect to hear on a McFly album, but when Lil' Tom plays it live, it is more than a bit awesome.
Best Songs: All About You, She Falls Asleep, I Wanna Hold You, Too Close For Comfort.