Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I Feel Like A Hero, And You Are My Heroine.

Top Five: Superheroes

From someone who has never read a Comic Book that wasn't the Beano or Dandy.

5. Human Torch.
It says a lot about how many times I have watched the two Chris Evans and co films that even my Mum knows what I am talking about when I reference it. The Human Torch is my favourite of the Fantastic Four not only because he is played by Chris Evans (I have mentioned him far too much already), but that I smile every time he shouts 'Flame On!'

4. Iron Man.
His suit is ridiculously cool and shiny. His is super rich. He is witty. He is Robert Downey Jr.

3. Wolverine.
Okay, so he doesn't get a fancy costume, or even an alter ego. But he does have Adamantium claws, which is pretty cool. He is also a bit of a grumpy old man.  And he is Hugh Jackman. I'll stop that now, I promise.

2. Batman.
Whether it is super serious or cheesy and camp, Batman is always a winner. Even if I don't understand why he has such a deep voice when in costume.

1. Spiderman.
He can fly. Sort of. That is pretty cool. He is still a teenager. That is pretty cool. He is very skilled at taking out Scientists who have undertaken unruly experiences. That is pretty cool. He is now played by Andrew Garfield. This post is getting far too repetitive.

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