Friday, 7 September 2012

No Need For Nervousness, It's Just A Little Turbulence.

Top Five: Things About Aeroplane Adventures

To me, it doesn't feel like the holiday has begun until you have made it through all the airport departments and are on the plane. Then it is time to relax.

5. The Views.
I have rarely had the chance to be in the window seat whilst flying, but they are (obviously) the best seats on the plane. I like it when you fly through thick clouds and emerge out the top on a sea of cotton wool.

4. Leaving Home.
As I am not a high-flying business person, going on a plane means just one thing - I AM GOING ON HOLIDAY!

3. Coming Home.
If you happen to have had a (slightly or mightily) traumatic holiday, sometimes it is nice to back in the plane and know that soon you will back in the land of (relative) normality.

2. Air Hostesses.
Not only do you get a warm greeting when you arrive, but they bring you drinks and food treats throughout the journey. They even allow you to do a bit of shopping should you require it. And hopefully not let you die if the plane plummets to the ground.

1. Movies.
Any excuse to sit back and watch a film is good by me. You must have noticed. It is most exciting when there is a vast array of recent films to chose from and catch up. It is like having your own personal DVD collection in your seat. Which is a bit like being at home though, to be honest.

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